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Pompeii: Guided Tour
Supplied by: Pompeii

Get guided around the ancient archaeological wonder of Pompeii

What's included

  • Skip the line ticket to Pompeii
  • 2-hours guided tour in your chosen language

Know before you go

Big bags and suitcases aren't allowed in, but there are lockers onsite
. Small pets on a leash are allowed
. Eating food is possible only in designated areas of the park


  • Explore the ancient archaeological wonder of Pompeii with a professional guide Get guided around the 50-hectare site to learn the extraordinary story of how Pompeii perished, and how it was later discovered and excavated from the ashes Marvel at ancient dwellings, fountains, statues, frescoes, and the city's amphitheater under the looming specter of Mount Vesuvius


Building a city right beside an active volcano doesn't always work out the way you want - just ask Pompeii. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 C.E., it decimated the settlement and its inhabitants. Ironically, its superheated volcanic ash also preserved the site perfectly, leaving behind perhaps the world's most remarkable archaeological site.

Now, thousands of years later, you can wander around a time capsule of ancient Roman life with a professional guide.

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Venue address

Piazza Porta Marina Inferiore 5
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